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Hello there, my name is Amy Armstrong and I’m the creator of Team Distinction, a blog which explains everything you need to know about online gambling and the technology behind it, including the latest gambling and casino apps in the market. This blog started years ago thanks to my constant passion about the world of online gambling and how does it work.

This lead me to investigate and study more about these sites and with all the knowledge that I recollected during these years I finally began on working in this blog and made it the way it is. I started my journey in the world of online gambling participating in sites where poker and slots machines were the primary options.

After that, I went deeper in this world and explored many other options in online gambling, and every time I learn something new and different about it, as the years gone by, I realized that I could use this information to create a blog and inform other people about these sites and how do they work. That’s how Team Distinction was born.

Here in Team Distinction, I take all the topics surrounding online gambling and I write about it with all the details that you need to know so you can’t miss any news or articles on this topic.