AppFlow Adds International Marketplaces Support



AppFlow Adds International Marketplaces Support

AppFlow – the most pouplar third party WP7 Marketplace browser – has just gotten a great deal better. Until now, all the apps in the lists – e.g. in New & Impressive, Forgotten Legends, Highest Rated – were specific to rankings and popularity in the US Marketplace. We’ve had lots of feedback from people outside of the US asking for this to be changed – and so we did. The latest update now supports all 36 Marketplacess, meaning you’ll see and be able to discover even more relevant apps – regardless of which Marketplace region you are in.

Lists, and App Info and Stats Specific to Marketplace Region

All of the lists apart from the ones by theme – e.g. Best Mango Apps – are now different for each Marketplace and more relevant for that region. The app ratings and ranking charts for each app also reflect ratings and stats on that given Marketplace, and app descriptions are shown in the selected region’s language for apps supporting it. As an example the Highest Rated appsdisplay completely different ones in France and in the UK:

Set and Switch Regions

The preferred Marketplace is to be set on the first launch after startup and can later be changed in the Info tab. The setting is not done autmatically for two reasons: first of all, the phone’s region setting doesn’t necessarily match the Marketplace one’s interested it. The other reason is that this way it’s possible to switch between Marketplaces on the fly – e.g. if you’re interested in what’s hot in Germany, Korea or Finland, it’s just a tap to switch over to do so.

Try it Out and Explore the Different Regions

Search for “AppFlow” on the Windows Phone Marketplace or grab it from the AppFlow home page- and dive in and explore and discover even more relevant apps.