Cocktail Flow Releases Super Bowl Cocktail Package


Super Bowl Package Cocktail Flow

Cocktail Flow Releases Super Bowl Cocktail Package

Are you ready to throw an amazing Super Bowl party on Sunday? Cocktail Flow – the most stunning cocktail app available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone –  just made it easy by releasing the new The Big Game package with over 30 football themed drinks, some specifically created for Super Bowl #46.

Some highlight drinks include the Manning Martini, Brady Bomb, Patriot Pride, Giant Glory, Bring it Home, Lemon Blitz, Punt, Quick Kick, Time Out at Half Time and Victory Drink.

Quick Kick
(Left image, highball glass)Ingredients
– 1.5 parts Canadian whiskey
– 4 parts colaPreparation
– Fill the collins glass half way with ice
– Pour the ingredients into the glass
– Stir together
– Garnish with lemon wedge
Brady Bomb
(Left middle image, shot glass)Ingredients
– 1 part Bourbon whiskey
– 2 drops Tabasco saucePreparation
– Pour whiskey in a shot glass
– Add drops of Tabasco sauce into the center of the drink
– Bring it home ;)
Go for it on 4th Down
(Middle image, old fashioned glass)Ingredients
– 1 part vodka
– 0.25 part lemon juice
– 4 parts energy drinkPreparation
– Pour vodka and lemon juice in shot glass
– Drop shot glass in energy drink and drink
Manning Martini
(Right middle image, cocktail glass)Ingredients
– 1 part dry vermouth
– 1 part Bourbon whiskeyPreparation
– Add ice cubes in a mixer glass
– Pour the spirits into the glass
– Stir together
– Strain into a cocktail glass
Patriot Pride
(Right image, old fashioned glass)Ingredients
– 1.5 part tequila
– 0.5 part Blue Curacao
– 0.5 part cream
– 0.5 part white Creme de CacaoPreparation
– Add ice cubes to the shaker
– Pour the ingredients into the shaker
– Shake well
– Strain into an old fashioned glass, on the rocks

Grab these and other great game night cocktails and throw an amazing party on an unforgettable night. Download Cocktail Flow for iPhone here, on Google Play here and for Windows Phone here.

Get your Super Bowl Package for Cocktail Flow ready and bring the game on!