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Contribute with Team Distinction

Team Distinction is the blog that it is today thanks to all my grateful readers that visit this blog on a daily basis. It is incredible the amount of attention and support that I get from all of you, and it shows that my constant effort to this project is really worthy of the energy that I put in every single day.

Besides, finding the best information and topics about the latest sites and news in online gambling can be quite a challenge, not mentioning time-consuming. There’s the time I take to write an article with the quality this blog demands, and the extra time I take to answer all sorts of doubts and messages that I get from my readers everyday in this blog.

So it’s no surprise that here in Team Distinction we invite all kinds of readers that have a medium knowledge about online gambling and related topics about casino and gambling apps to collaborate with us and make it a even better blog that it is today.

Don’t hesitate to promote your work or write about a great online gamble site that you know. All you need to do is contact me and we’ll talk about it. I’ll make it worth your time, since Team Distinction has always been open to receive writers that share the same passion about online gambling that I have.